1st Battle of the Sexes

brought to you by

Clam H3 and Gentlemen's Quarterly H3

Saturday! Saturday! SATURDAY!!! July 22nd 2017

There will be 2 trails, and a brunch. During each of the trails there will be games, each game with have points. So make sure to show up for all to give your team (sex) the best chance!! At brunch there will be questions, with each question earning points for your team. There will also be challenges to complete during the trails, again all which could earn you points for your team.
Clam Trail is open to both males and females


1. Clam trail w/ games 10:30-12:30 at Dish (2301 Red Tide Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23451)
2. Brunch w/ questions 12:30-2:00 at Dish (2301 Red Tide Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23451)
3. More games 2:00-2:30 at Lynnhaven Colony Park (3125 Shore Drive)
4. GQ gather 2:30 at Lynnhaven Colony Park (3125 Shore Drive)
5. GQ hare away 2:45
6. GQ trail/bash w/ games 2:45-6:30
7. Clam/GQ circle 6:30 with reveal of winner of Battle of the Sexes at Bayside Grill ( 2973 Shore Dr #106, Virginia Beach, VA 23451)

Cost: $20.00

this includes toe tag, your Clam H3 trail, your GQ H3 trail craft, and Clam/GQ Down Down Circle beers.

What is NOT included: Brunch, and the bars during GQ, these are pay as you go


For both trails, park at 2961 Shore Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 and walk across the street to Dish for Brunch or just down the street to the park.


LUAU, Show off your best grass skirt, coconut bra, Hawaiian shirt, etc...

Winning Team will receive a personalized memento.

NOTES from the GM:

If you have a nomination for the next month’s Clam Crowning (an honor for a harriette who is awesome and has done something wonderful and deserves recognition), please send Shadow a PM on FB.

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