Diaper Dash
Brought to you by Hobo H3

Sunday May 21st, 2017

Gather @ 3:00PM, Hares off @ 3:30PM


4610 Guam Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23455
Additional parking behind the Junior Mart on Guam and Seaview Avenue


Runs then Scissors & Pussy Poker Meow


The Diaper Dash is a day for celebration, libations, and nudity if the mood strikes you! The Lesbians are pregnant and have decided to invite all of the wankers to their humble abode.
- There will be a brief run (waddle for those running for two!)
- There will be a keg YAY!
- There will be complimentary margaritas YAY!
- There will be food in the form of grilled American meats YAY!
- There will be Depends so you don't have to blow up our toilets (the Lesbians say YAY!)
We do encourage you to run in a diaper. If you choose to do so we would recommend you not get the kind that notifies the world that your diaper is wet...unless you're into that kind of thing.


- No $5 cover, but you must bring a pack of Huggies 1, 2, or 3
- Virgins
- Vessel
- Dry bag
- Clean up water
- Appetite for trail
- Thirst for snare

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