Diaper Dash
May 20th, 2017
Gather @ 3PM
Hares Off at 3:30PM

Diaper Dash

What: Diaper Dash! No $5 cover but you must bring a pack of Huggies diapers 1, 2, or 3.
Hares: Runs then Scissors and Pussy Poker Meow
When: May 20th, Gather at 3pm Hares off at 3:30
Where: 4610 Guam St. Virginia Beach, VA 23455
(Additional parking behind the junior mart on Guam and Seaview Ave.)


The diaper dash is a day for celebration, libations, and nudity if the mood strikes you. The lesbians are pregnant and have decided to invite all of the wankers to their humble abode. There will be a brief run / waddle for those running for two. There will be a keg (YAY!). There will be complimentary margaritas (YAY!). There will be food in the form of grilled american meats (YAY!). There will be depends so you don't have to blow up our toilets (the lesbians say yay!).

We do encourage you to run in a diaper. If you choose to do so I would recommend you not get the kind that notifies the world that your diaper is wet. Unless your into that kind of thing.