25th Gentleman's Quarterly H3/FEH3 #2398


June 15, 2019

Gather 2pm
Hares Away 2:30pm

Hares: SPAM & Shoots and Splatters


Warwick High School
51 Copeand Lane
Newport News, VA 23601


Top hats, Craft beer, Well behaved* Hashers, Trail to exceed 10 miles, Iceblock, a Bottle of Scotch. What more could you ask for from such a Gentlemanly Hash?
-$10 Hash cash
- Gentlemen drink in moderation
- Bring cash and ID on trail, as it is pay as you go at the bars(but the hash might buy a round or two where money allows)
- Expect many beer checks
- Bring gentlemanly attire for circle, but run in what you like
- The hash departs each bar five minutes after the hares. Polite condolences if you can't keep up
- No need for shiggy socks or ivy block. We are gentlemen, after all - it is unbecoming to run in shiggy
- Harriettes are welcome as part of the Ladies Auxiliary
- The beer is stronger than regular hash beer, and a bottle of scotch will be passed around
- Gentlemen do not drink to excess
- Gentlemen are wise; they do not drink and drive. Uber and taxis are cheaper than a DUI

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