*******Hash Shit Across America hand off to FT Eustis BASH!*******
-Tidewater is saying farewell to the hash shit so it can continue its journey!-
-Ft Eustis is taking it just in time for their 48th anal-versary Pub Crawl!-

Saturday, November 9th 2019
Gather @ 0930 am
On-Out @ 1000 am
Hand off to kayakers @ 1200pm


127 Howe St
Norfolk, VA 23503

*you can continue on via??
1.) a few can ride the safety boat with Lube and cheer the kayakers on!

2.) ride back to the house and drive to Oozel finch to have a beer and wait for the hash shit hand off ruffly between 2-3 pm??
-(3pm Ft. Eustis 48th anal-versary pub crawl!)

3.) ride back to start and call it quits.

What to bring:
-moneys....we will be stopping at two bars during the bash


-Free! If you?re feeling Froggy donate to make a wish!

***Ft Eustis 48th anal-versary Pub Crawl go to FEH3?s meetup for details***