1454th Tidewater H3 Trail
Sunday! Funday! Runday!

Sunday, Jan 27th, 2018
Trail: Gather @ 1:00PM
Hares away @ 1:30 PM

HARES: Brown Towel, Menage, and a special old timer

445 N Battlefield Blvd
Chesapeake, VA 23320

Inside Red Bones: Keg to finish while we vote and do ending circle Notes about voting: -You'll need to show up to cast your vote -If you cant make it and hash regulary reach out to current mis-man.


Notes from the Hares:

  • Change of clothes: for runners and eagles.
  • Trail: A to A
  • Stroller Friendly: off road terrain on walker trail
  • Dog Friendly: on walker trail, not at down downs
  • Beer Checks: 1 walker, 3 runners
  • Shiggy Level: 2 walker, 4 runners
  • Swimming/Water Crossing:No
  • Chicken/Eagle Splits: Yes
  • Walker Friendly: Yes
  • Length: less than 4

What to bring:

  • $5 for Trail
  • Virgins!
  • Vessel!
  • Shiggy Socks
  • Whistle
  • Dry bag for all Trails
  • Warm clothes for after its cold out
  • Bug spray & Technu
  • Clean up water & Soap
  • $$$ for Habby
  • Appetite for Trail
  • Thirst for Snare

Cost: $5 for experienced wankers; free for VIRGINS

Tidewater H3 is looking for a few good hares. If you have what it takes to hare a trail, step up and volunteer. Slots are gonna fill up quick. Get them now or cry about it later.Contact Drunk Neighbor if you would like to Hare or co-Hare a trail. Email Drunk.Neighbor.th3@gmail.com.


Tidewater H3 Receding Hareline