Tuesday February 23rd

** Tuesday will be Bi-weekly trails for the time being . Tuesday will go back to weekly but not sure when: Some down downs will be inside bars please bring items to accommodate for the bars if they ask for them.


3/02: OPEN
3/16: OPEN


** Tuesday will be Bi-weekly trails while our Military members are not allowed to do indoor down downs. Tuesday will go back to weekly when that changes.

** Currently there is a ban of outdoor gatherings 10 plus by the Governor of Virginia. If we happen to reach that number we will ask a section of the group to head out early on trail early

** The future trails will Be up to the hare either Live or Dead lay

** Beverage stops will be picked up by the DFL's

** We will have hand sanitizer available at start and down downs.

** We have trails for those that need to get out of isolation and be in the wide open of the outside.

** We request the keeping away from others (social distancing) at a safe distance so that yourself and others feel safe at trail

** Trails are for those that want to come and run, those who will enjoy others company safely while promoting physical activities the hash is known for at your own pace ( running, jogging, walking)

** Tuesdays will be going back to bars for down downs once our Military members are allowed to join us.

** On Afters will be suggested at the end of closing circle.

Interested in haring a Tuesday trail?
Come up with a theme, come up with a trail.

Tell Drunk Neighbor and he will add your name to the list.
Email: Drunk.neighbor.th3@gmail.comJust Tell Drunk Neighbor and he will add your name to the list.

Tuesday Virgin Ceremony Song Lyrics

Sung to the tune of "Like a Virgin" by Madonna

You made it through the wilderness
Somehow you made it through
Didn't know how lost you were until we found you

You were scared. Unprepared.
At the start, you were so confused
But we ran you around
Yeah, we ran you all over town
Now you're dirty and bruised

Like a virgin
Hashing for the very first time
Like a virgin
Drink it down down. Drink it down down down.......

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