850th Tuesday! Tuesday! TUESDAY! H3 Invasion Trail!!!

July 18th, 2017
Gather @ 6:00 pm HST (Hasher Standard Time)
Hare(s) away @ 6:30 pm


Mystery Hare... or two :)

<-------------START LOCATION------------->

Steak & Shake Parking lot
1676 General Booth Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23454


Trail: We are running by Green Flash so your first beer is on the hash! Trail will be A to A prime
It isn't long and it isn't thick, but it might not be short and it might not end quick, you might stay dry or you might get wet.....show up and find out wankers


What to bring:
- [ ] whistle
- [ ] shiggy socks
- [ ] shoes
- [ ] headlamp
- [ ] Vessel
- [ ] Dry bag / Change of Clothes
- [ ] Bug repellent
- [ ] tick repellent
- [ ] $7.

****Cost: $7 for experienced wankers free for virgins****


Can't make trail?

Meet us for down downs around 8:00ish pm.


We need you! Come up with a theme, a trail, or just make an excuse to drink some beer and run a shitty trail!

Upcoming Trails:

July 25: Cow Poke (North Side Trail)
August 1: OPEN
August 8: OPEN
August 15: OPEN
August 19 Saturday: DEAD ELVIS!!
August 22: Open
August 29: OPEN
Interested in haring a Tuesday trail?
We need you! 
Come up with a theme, come up with a trail or 
just make an excuse to drink some beer and run a shitty trail.

Contact Children of the Cornhole and he will add your name to the list. 

Tuesday Virgin Ceremony Song Lyrics

Sung to the tune of "Like a Virgin" by Madonna

You made it through the wilderness
Somehow you made it through
Didn't know how lost you were until we found you

You were scared. Unprepared.
At the start, you were so confused
But we ran you around
Yeah, we ran you all over town
Now you're dirty and bruised

Like a virgin
Hashing for the very first time
Like a virgin
Drink it down down. Drink it down down down.......

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