Night of the Hashing Dead


Friday October 27 2017
Gather 6, Survivors off at 6:30
(do NOT be late)


Mystery Hares


Owl Creek Golf Course

Parking at 557 S Birdneck Rd Unit 118, Virginia Beach, VA 23451


0. Bring a working HEADLAMP with fresh batteries. Without one you will be stuck in the dark, unable to find your way till a zombie eats you. So BRING A HEADLAMP.
1. This is a reverse hash. Instead of the pack chasing the hares, the zombie hares chase the pack.
2. Your rego will come with a single life band for the event. Once on trail you can earn more life bands at each beer check. Every time a zombie tags you, you lose a life band.
3. Lose all your life bands and you become a zombie and you must try to beat the other zombies by collecting as many life bands as you can.
4. Beer checks are safe zones.
5. If speed is not your strength then use the brain cells that alcohol has spared over the years to out wit the undead.
6. There will be a token weapon for the humans to use to help delay their inevitable doom. The weapon will be announced at the event.
7. There is a time limit to complete trail. Everyone will have exactly 1 hour to try to make it to all 3 checkpoints and back to start.

1. Dry bag
2. HEADLAMP, it will get dark and spooky!
3. Protective clothing. Long sleeve shirts and pants are recommended.
4. A JOKE! Did I mention that itís the full moon hash?
5. Hopes and prayers


$10 for trail and an awesome patch.
Show up with a $10 bill
Also bring a HEADLAMP!!!

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