Trash Pickup H3

Beach Day Edition

Saturday May 29th
Gather at 10:30am

START CHKD Thrift Store Parking Lot -- 4717 Shore Drive
BEVERAGE CHECKS 'Sex on the beach' warmup drinks
ON-AFTERS La Herradura -- 4801 Shore Dr Shopping Center
ON-ON-AFTERS Floatopia -- Chic's Beach

Welcome Beach Goers! Its time once again for Trash pickup, and our anal beach day! If you know anything about Chic'k's Beach and Memorial day, then you know about Floatopia. And if you know about Floatopia you know about how much garbage and trash gets left behind. 10 tons in 2019!

So lets get to work early! Meet up at our regular TPU time of 10:30 to gather and enjoy some tailgate breakfast items and special 'Sex on the beach' drinks to share.

Once we have our marching orders, we will clean the refuse of our quasi-minded neighbors on Shore drive and meet back up again at noon for tacos, burritos, margaritas, and tall Cerveza at La Hurradurra!

With our bellies full, and our legs stretched, it will be time to make our way down to Chic's beach (see on-on-afters link above) to have some fun in the sun! Get sandy! Have a shandy! Drop our panties? Bring whatever toys, chairs, floatation devises, anchors, coolers, whatever!

Pussy Poker and Scissors have reluctantly agreedo (as soon as I ask her LOL) to allow us to drop by after for any kind of sun baked, alcohol induced recovery may be required. Music, hot tub, floor space. Possibly even a short Bar crawl along the way to get there.

God Bless America and ON-ON!