HOBO H3 (#876)

Saturday Oct 23rd
Gather at 4:30
Circle at 5:15
Pack away at 5:30

HARES Zombie Hash
START [map]    
The Playground
5420 Shell Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23455
(Park on the street or open spaces at this or boat ramp locations)
COST $10** See Below
ON-AFTERS [map]    
The Comfy Belly
1801 Pleasure House Rd #110, VA Beach

WTF is a Zombie Hash? This is a reverse hash. Instead of the pack chasing the hares, the Zombie hares chase the pack! With the purchase of 1 rego you get 1 life band at the start. If you feel as though your zombie evading skills are not up to Zombieland standards and to double your chances of making it to a beer check, you can purchase 2 bonus life bands in addition to the one you get with your rego. Once on trail you can earn even more life bands at each beer check. Also there will be a lot of hidden lives along the wrong ways. If speed is not your strength use the brain cells that alcohol has spared over the years to out-wit the undead. Every time a zombie tags you, you lose a life band. Lose all your life bands and you become a zombie and you must try to eat the survivors by collecting as many life bands as you can. Beer checks are safe zones. Do you think you have what it takes to make it all the way through alive? This year you can kill zombies and get a special band from them what will it cost 2 of your spares lives.

What should i bring! Well, bring your oldest, rattiest, zombiest, clothes and shoes. bring your headlamp and whatever you need for staying stealthy and staying alive!

How much $$? This hash is $10 to play for the most delicious drinks at the beer check safe zones this side of the afterlife. For a mere $5 more, you can arm yourself with 2 additional wrist band lives, for a total of 3! Game on!
Why would anyone enjoy running for their lives from a mob of horny... i mean uh, HUNGRY zombies? Well for the glory and bragging rights of survival so you can stick it to the dead for being slow and dumb, and this years coveted "Deadliest Zombie Trophy"!